NFTs you can only mint if you've been blocked on Twitter

The collection

For discerning trolls, getting blocked on Twitter is a badge of honor. But the only way to brag about it is by posting a screenshot. Enter the revolutionary, world-saving magic of Web3.

Blockedchain is a new kind of NFT that commemorates notable blocks on Twitter. Log in with Twitter, prove that you’re blocked by one of our chosen accounts, and we’ll mint you a commemorative NFT free of charge. With this cryptographically verified token, distributed across a ledger maintained by millions of computers consuming gigawatts of electricity, you can finally prove you’ve reached the hallowed echelon of people Gary Vaynerchuck doesn’t want to hear from.

The supply of these tokens is unknown. We can verify whether someone has been blocked by an account, but we have no way to tell how many people in total an account has blocked. Is Wendy’s more rare than Smash Mouth? Does the CIA even block? Could Elon Musk go on a blocking spree tomorrow and cause a rapid and catastrophic inflationary event triggering disastrous fluctuations in the worldwide price of grain? Only future economists will know, shaking their heads as they toss their copies of The Wealth of Nations atop the smoldering slag heap.

So log in. Mint your block. And be immortalized.

How do you verify I’m blocked?

Once you connect your Twitter account with our site, we use the Twitter API to check if you’ve been blocked by one of the accounts above. If you have, you can mint a token, free of charge.

Is it safe to connect my account?

We ask for read-only access, so we can’t post anything on your behalf. We will only access basic information about your account, like your screen name and numeric user id, and look up who has blocked you. If you’d like, you can revoke our access to your account in your Twitter privacy settings. That won’t affect any tokens you’ve minted.

Are you saving my personal information?

If you choose to mint a token, we will save your numeric Twitter ID (example: "1475070234948161544") in the description field of the token's metadata. This is to prevent duplicate blocks and establish the provenance of the block. That means your numeric ID will be visible on the blockchain and on platforms like OpenSea. If you don't want anyone to know you've been blocked, don't mint a token. We cannot remove a user id once it's been saved. If you do not mint a token, we save no information from your Twitter account.

Can I mint multiple tokens?

We limit one token per block. That means if you’re blocked by Wendy’s, you can only mint one Wendy’s token.

What’s the total supply?

Unknown. Twitter only allows us to find out whether you’ve been blocked by one of these accounts. Only the blockers know how many accounts they’ve blocked.

Will more blockers be added?


What are the tech specs?

Blockedchain uses the ERC-721 standard. Videos and images of the tokens are distributed on IPFS. All other metadata, such as the title, description, and properties, are stored on-chain.

How much do they cost?

Tokens are free to the blocked. You will have to pay for gas fees, which vary.

Can I sell my token to someone unblocked?

Yes. Once you mint your token, you’re free to do whatever you want with it.

The site is broken.

If you’re having trouble connecting with Twitter, try logging in and out, clearing your cache, and refreshing. If you're having trouble minting, try Metamask on desktop Chrome for best results. If none of that works, blame the empty promises of a decentralized internet.

I don’t want you accessing my account anymore.

Go to your privacy settings in Twitter and revoke our access. This won’t affect any tokens you’ve minted.